Canoe Movie 2 “Uncharted Waters” is an action packed adventure film documenting what can truly be paddled in an open boat. This movie takes the viewer on a wild ride with the sports top athletes as they push the sport of canoeing. Follow Dooley Tombras, Matt DeVoe, Eli Helbert, Jim Coffey and a host of others as they take you to canoeing’s uncharted waters.
Destinations Include:
North Carolina, Tennessee, Colorado, Costa Rica, Mexico

First Open Boat Decents Include:
Toxaway River, Road Prong, Thompson River, Kick Your Dog Falls, Rock Creek Falls, Adrenaline Falls, and the Big Banana section of Alseseca

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Its amazing to drive on Rt. 27 in Tennessee and count the cars that go by with whitewater canoes atop.  Sunday morning, we saw a 10:1 ratio of canoes to kayaks…making the rivers of Walden’s Ridge seemingly the highest concentration of open boaters in the Southeast!  Our day of paddling was on Richland Creek, a Walden’s Ridge classic, with Garrett, Torre, and Burton.  Canoe Movie 2: ‘Uncharted Waters’ would not be complete without featuring a stream flowing off of this geographical whitewater gem.  Check out these great pics that Tod Vann took while we were out there.

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The beginning of a wonderful day

The Toxaway River in North Carolina has captivated the minds of paddlers for decades.  However, it was not until last Tuesday that it saw it’s first open boat descent.  Dooley Tombras and crew set out on a 6 hour adventure deep into the Gorges State Park to film one of the finest days of Canoe Movie 2: ‘Uncharted Waters.’  The Toxaway is a full day of canoeing, with epic portages and monster drops.  Enjoy this short clip of Dooley’s first open boat descent of the Toxaway, and for more footage, be sure to check out Canoe Movie 2: ‘Uncharted Waters,’ set to release Spring 2012!

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Matt DeVoe is a trooper.  On the first day of our Costa Rica mission, Matt slipped off a rock while scouting a rapid on the Pozo Azul and fractured three bones in his foot.  He then had to sit around for 3 days in the jungle until the first available flight home.  Today, he sent me a picture of foot post surgery.  Hat’s off to Matt, he never complained about ending his trip early or that he was in pain.  He was just happy to have run the final 35 foot waterfall…with a broken foot.

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“You guys here to paddle?”  Say’s Matt G, poking his head through a semi-chaotic crowd at the terminal pick up.

This was our Costa Rican greeting when arriving at the airport in San Jose.  Matt G is an employee and canoer with ESPRIT, the premier paddle tourism company in Central America.  Jim Coffey owns and opererates ESPRIT and has been doing trips to Central America for decades.  He knows the rivers here just as well as anybody.  If you are ever thinking of doing a canoe trip to Central America, contact ESPRIT, they will set it all up.


Matt G styling the first drop of Pozo Azul

Jumping into the the ESPRIT van at the San Jose International Airport, Matt immediately informed us that Pozo Azul was running.  This would be the first destination of our Costa Rica canoeing trip.  Pozo Azul is an amazing run.  Surrounded by jungle, this waterway has multiple waterfalls and plenty of boulder gardens.  The finally of the run is a clean, 30 foot drop.  Its a classic.

Dooley on the feature drop of Pozo Azul

Unfortunately, while scouting the ‘Mesas’ on Pozol Azul, Matt DeVoe fractured two bones in his foot.  This prompted a need to get home early for surgery.  With a shortened schedule, we then directed our attention towards three other runs…the San Miguel, Upper Volcane, and Upper Toro.  Each river/creek offered its own character ranging from a smokies style, low volume boulder garden run to deep, lush big water canyons.

The typical rapid on Upper Volcane

Thanks to Jim and ESPRIT for putting together such an amazing trip.  The rivers in Costa Rica were awesome, and with Jim’s knowledge, you waste no time getting on the water.  Here is a quick teaser from the Costa Rica segment in Canoe Movie 2: ‘Uncharted Waters’ that will be available here in its full length, spring 2012.


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