Matt DeVoe is a trooper.  On the first day of our Costa Rica mission, Matt slipped off a rock while scouting a rapid on the Pozo Azul and fractured three bones in his foot.  He then had to sit around for 3 days in the jungle until the first available flight home.  Today, he sent me a picture of foot post surgery.  Hat’s off to Matt, he never complained about ending his trip early or that he was in pain.  He was just happy to have run the final 35 foot waterfall…with a broken foot.

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2 Responses to “Broken Foot”

  1. Simon says:

    Glad to see that everything is back in order Matt. I am sure you will be able to wear shoes again one day :)

    Not many people that I know would have completed the run, including the 30 foot waterfall at the end with a broken foot… I know I wouldn’t !

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  2. [...] with these guys was a great time and we came out of the shoot with some bumps and bruises (Matt Devoe actually broke his foot on a Pozo Azul scout on day 1) and some great footage of the boys running some great whitewater in the Saripaqui area of Costa [...]

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