Canoe Movie 2 “Uncharted Waters” is an action packed adventure film documenting what can truly be paddled in an open boat. This movie takes the viewer on a wild ride with the sports top athletes as they push the sport of canoeing. Follow Dooley Tombras, Matt DeVoe, Eli Helbert, Jim Coffey and a host of others as they take you to canoeing’s uncharted waters.
Destinations Include:
North Carolina, Tennessee, Colorado, Costa Rica, Mexico

First Open Boat Decents Include:
Toxaway River, Road Prong, Thompson River, Kick Your Dog Falls, Rock Creek Falls, Adrenaline Falls, and the Big Banana section of Alseseca

Get Your Copy Today for $29.95


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4 Responses to “Order Canoe Movie 2”

  1. Philippe Bilodeau says:

    The canoe movie 2 is very good. I was wondering if you’re planning a trip in Québec any time soon.
    Anyway if you guys come up to paddle in the regions let me know.
    Keep on the good work!

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  2. admin says:

    Thanks Phil! We are planning a Quebec trip…do you have any suggestions?

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  3. iain keogh says:

    can you ship to the uk and will these dvd’s work on a uk region player?

    cheers iain.

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  4. admin says:

    Yes and yes! We have shipped hundreds of copies to the uk

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